Samy falls with a stroke: mortification for the health of the stylist of the stars

As revealed by Univision, Samy, the famous stylist to the stars, has suffered a stroke. The information was reported by the morning program Despierta América, through Raúl González, one of its hosts.

According to the presenter: “A good friend of this house and one of the most beloved characters suffered a stroke, a cerebrovascular accident, but is in recovery.” The host also added: “For many years -Samy- it was part of our program.” And it is that in the world of Hispanic entertainment Samy is one of the spoiled, not only of the public, but of many celebrities who have passed through his hands. This beauty guru has worked with great music divas such as Celia Cruz, Thalía and Gloria Estefan.

González received this information through a text message, which, according to his statement, carried a photo of the famous stylist.

According to People en Español magazine, Samy recently spoke with Father Alberto, to whom he confessed that last year he had battled with the coronavirus. But he also explained that he was in better health. And that he was even fully vaccinated.

At the moment, as confirmed by Raúl González, Samy’s state of health is controlled and now only his speedy recovery is expected, however, it must be added that the reasons that led him to experience this stroke are still unknown. Through Instagram, the Univision program also shared this information and the public, his audience, is already praying for his speedy recovery. “Wow speedy recovery,” wrote one fan. “Blessings to Samy,” someone else said.

Another faithful follower shared this message with the followers of the program: “I saw it in an interview with María Marin. Super bad that I couldn’t even walk. His very bad leg. And his overweight and lack of exercise led to this. Go ahead Samy. You still have a long way to go ”.

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