See the $ 80 million dollar mansion, the most expensive in all of New York

The New York real estate market is moving like few times, when what could be launched on the market the most expensive mansion in the history of the area or at least that is what its current owner intends.

The residence, which belongs to the tycoon David leuschen, was recently put up for sale by $ 80 million, so if it is sold at that price, it will set the record set by the financier Phillip Falcone, who, in 2019, spent $ 77 million for his current home.

Although the chances of it breaking the record are minimal, since it is still unknown how the market will behave with its sale, at the moment it holds that honor, as it did a few months ago the mansion of the late Jeffrey Epstein, which was advertised for $ 88 million but ended up being sold for just $ 51 million.

The majestic home, which was built more than 115 years ago, passed into the hands of David Leuschen, in 2012, after disbursing $ 42 million dollars, so that, if he received what he wanted, he would have obtained a profit of almost 50% in just nine years.

According to the technical sheet, released by various media specialized in the sale of real estate, the mansion, which is of Italian Renaissance architectural style, has an area of ​​15,225 square feet and with a total of nine bedrooms distributed throughout long seven stories.

It also has a hall, kitchen, dining room, living room, main room, TV room, library, among other rooms.

In the highest part it has a garden and terrace area with spectacular views of Fifth Avenue and Central Park, an attraction that no skyscraper will be able to obscure, since its construction is not allowed in that area.

Despite its age, the house that was built to be inhabited by Henry Cook, was recently remodeled, but without departing from the architectural design that characterizes it so much and that gives it a plus with respect to other properties in the area.

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