Toni Costa is seen happy and surrounded by beautiful Venezuelan friends

After the dream trip through Italy, it was the return to reality to Toni Costa, Adamari López Y Alaïa Costa. In that, they have all returned to their daily activities and have even made a lot more fun. While Adamari Lopez He looked spectacular in the Chiquibaby babyshower, Toni Costa went for a walk with Alaïa to the birthday of the daughter of some close friends and He was seen surrounded by beautiful Venezuelan friends.

Toni Costa and her Venezuelan friends.

Toni Costa and her Venezuelan friends.

Quite the contrary to what has been said lately about whether Toni Costa I would be down by the separation of Adamari Lopez, the spanish dancer He was seen at a birthday party surrounded by friends and very beautiful Venezuelan women. During the event, Toni jumped with Alaïa by trampolines and also played with the children of her friends.

On the other hand, Adamari Lopez He had a blast and even joked with his colleague Aylin Mujica to whom he said: “Aylin’s balls are coming out from underneath.” This is alluding to a game in which they participated during the Chiquibaby’s baby shower. In it they had to place a balloon under their clothes and thus run. The first to arrive, won. But Aylin did not do very well and the host of Hoy Día, scoffed amiably.

Adamari Lopez she remains dedicated to the search for a healthier life. Therefore, he was seen face down, without clothes and on a stretcher while they gave him reductive massages that help him maintain the figure he has today. For several years, the Telemundo host had a hard time losing the extra pounds she had. But that is already a thing of the past, as many say that she arrived even more beautiful than before in her 50 years.

After Adamari López will catch up with Toni Cosa already Alaïa in Europe to spend a few days together, he made a video to inform his followers and fans that he wanted to post photos of the trip. In the same, Adamari Lopez excluded Toni Costa. However, in the video he mentioned it and said that Alaïa He had had a great time in Spain with his Yaya (Toni’s mother) and of course, with himself.

The truth is that Adamari Lopez he looks more spectacular than ever and very happy. It is not known for sure whether or not in Italy there was reconciliation with Toni Costa. But what was clear is that the relationship they are having looks very friendly, respectful and cordial, at least on social media.

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