‘Turning Red’, the next Disney and Pixar adventure, already has a trailer

Turning Red will tell the story of a girl who is transformed when she experiences stressful situations or intense emotions, such as when her mother visits her at school. That is part of what the trailer for one of the upcoming Disney and Pixar films anticipates.

Turning Red, which in Latin America will be named only as Red, will be directed by director Domee Shi, winner of the Oscar for the animated short Bao. It is an animated comedy focused on children, although this categorization is not exclusive. Several of the animated films of recent years are stories that end up enchanting young and old alike.

Shi has been with Turning Red since 2018, when he started shaping the idea. Throughout these years, advances were suggested on the project but nothing too clear. It was known that it would be an animated film and that Shi was involved in the production from the beginning.

The ‘Turning Red’ trailer

The Turning Red synopsis details: “Mei Lee is a thirteen-year-old, confident and a little naive, torn between continuing to be an obedient daughter and the chaos of adolescence. As if the changes in her relationships, in her interests and in his body weren’t enough, every time he gets too excited he turns into a giant red panda “

The Turning Red trailer previews one of those moments, perhaps the first one. Mei turns into a red panda after her mother, Ming, distresses her for being overprotective. Dealing with your changes and emotions will not be an easy task. The protagonist must be exposed to neighbors and classmates, with the social risks that this implies.

Apparently in the preview, Turning Red evokes the Hulk or The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Robert Louis Stevenson, 1886). However, judging by the aesthetics, in this case there does not seem to be a greater type of evil or violence in the protagonist. Quite the contrary, considering the filmographic tradition of Domee Shi. She was part of projects such as Inténsamente (2015), Soul (2020) and Luca (2021), among several others.

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Turning Red will be released, if nothing changes, on March 11, 2022,

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