Tweeter from Argentina captured $ 70,000 and loses it by leveraging on Ethereum

The desire to make a quick buck from cryptocurrency price swings usually ends with poor results. This happened to a group of 58 people who would have sent more than $ 70,000 to an alleged “trader” who called, through Twitter, an investment fund in digital assets.

The operator, identified as @Ozono_Merval on the popular social network, raised the funds and apparently “invested” them in the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network, ether (ETH). The alleged operation was carried out more than a week ago on the Binance exchange, according to local Argentine media reported.

In total, Pablo Roberto Kobylañsly, 53, as the operator would be called, leveraged 325 ethers with the ETH / USDT pair at 25x, which is considered a high risk position as a slight pullback would generate a large loss. And so it would have happened. The capital invested was reduced by 90% in six days, allegedly.

«People I feel very bad. Nothing is coming out and I’m just losing money. I don’t even sleep. I’m so sorry. My life is shitting me. A disaster. Forgiveness. I need a break ”, the supposed trader would have written on Sunday July 11 through instant messaging services.

From the Twitter account, which now appears as non-existent, the operator had already formed a community of followers with whom he shared investment signals and technical analysis. For this fund, which was presented as a common investment fund, although it did not have the corresponding authorization from the National Securities Commission (CNV), the trader “made” investment packages with different types of returns.

After the crash of the cryptocurrency and in a supposed desperate action, the operator sold the ethers to try to recover some capital. “I sell everything. USD 10,000 remained. That means I screwed up my life, I really want to kill myself. I’m not well. Here I am and I must reinvent myself. I have no other source of income because I gave up everything for this project. I traded bad and hot, ”shared the cryptocurrency trader.

The investment in Ethereum is considered lost

Those who trusted @Ozono_Merval, without knowing him personally, now give up their investment. This is the case of a student from La Plata who offered his point of view, but preferred to protect his identity. The young man claimed that the operator gained the trust of his followers, although they had never met him in person.

On Twitter, the event generated multiple reactions. Some users cataloged it Happened as a scam case and not as an investment mistake on the part of the trader. One of them was Carlos Riello, who from his account highlighted:

“I was warned by a follower that one of the many scammers who move on Twitter had caught and took several lucas from unsuspecting ‘investors’. @Ozono_Merval seems to have made hair and beards to several with the model Trovato and Beto ».

Another reflection on the case was that of @criptuit when remembering that traders with criteria do not leverage and do not allow their positions to be liquidated with the falls of cryptocurrencies. “So it is possible that he has escaped,” said the user.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is susceptible to cases of scam, a warning that CriptoNoticias has issued in the past. The recommendation in these cases is do not allocate funds to unknown persons or to those who promise big profits in a few days. Also, if you are interested in investing in bitcoin, for example, professional traders suggest not investing amounts that they may regret in the event of a market crash.

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