United States condemns attempted arrest of Juan Guaidó in Venezuela

The United States “strongly” condemned this Monday the arrest of former Venezuelan opposition MP Freddy Guevara and the threats against the opposition leader Juan Guaidó, whom Washington and more than 50 countries recognize as the interim president of that country.

“We urge the international community to join us in condemning these acts and to demand the release of all those detained for political reasons”, Julie Chung, Acting Undersecretary of State for the US Office of Western Hemisphere Affairs, said on her Twitter account.

The senior State Department official spoke hours after Guaidó’s wife Fabiana Rosales denounced on Twitter the arrest of Guevara, who was accused of instigating the 2017 anti-government protests and later pardoned in August last year.

Rosales also warned that officials from the elite group (FAES) of the Police were at his residence to arrest Guaidó, who later appeared at the door of his home and attended to the press.

Guaidó, who indicated that he was not detained thanks to the presence of the neighbors and the press, explained that the police officers who tried to arrest him did not have any type of identification, which is why he described the attempted arrest as a “kidnapping.”

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, demanded the release of Guevara, whose place of detention is unknown, Guaidó told reporters.

Almagro, whose organization is based in Washington, held the “dictatorship” of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro responsible for Guevara’s well-being.

“We demand their immediate release and that the crimes against humanity in Venezuela stop NOW. We also denounce the persecution and harassment of the regime against President (E) Juan Guaidó “Almagro added on his Twitter account.

In a statement, Guaidó’s representatives to the White House denounced that this “escalation of persecution” is the Maduro government’s response to efforts “to address a solution to the crisis in Venezuela through a negotiation process with facilitation from Norway and the support of the democratic world, especially the United States, Canada and Europe ”.

“We urgently call on the international community, human rights organizations and international organizations to issue a strong condemnation,” added the note, entitled “Diplomatic alert” and in which they warn of the attempted “kidnapping” of Guaidó and denounce the arrest of Guevara.

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