US rapper murdered while broadcasting live on Instagram

Through Instagram, on Thursday, July 8, the murder of rapper Zerail Dijon Rivera, better known as ‘Indian Red Boy’, was broadcast.

The 21-year-old artist received a flurry of shots while in his car in Los Angeles, California, and was chatting with a friend through said network whom he managed to say a few words to ask for help.

Everything seemed quiet at the time of the live until 12 shots interrupted the conversation, being a shot in the face that ended his life and vanished in front of the phone.

“What the hell!” exclaimed his friend and influencer, Kapone 3, While Red Boy asked for help, out of breath and with blood on his face.

His friend asked him about his whereabouts and, when he received no response, he left the conversation to contact the emergency services.

When the police arrived at the site, he was already dead.

According to Los Angeles police investigations, they found that Indian Red Boy not only received bullet holes in the head, but also in the body and they were given from the front of the car.

They also reported that the young man was attacked because allegedly belonged to the gang ‘Los Bloods’.

So far, the authorities they have not been able to find the person responsible And for now, the rapper’s Instagram profile has been filled with emotional messages from his fans and condolences towards the victim’s family.

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