Video: Dominican Juan Soto and Japanese Shohei Ohtani gave a show at the Home Run Derby

Soto and Ohtani tied twice before the Dominican defined the duel.

Photo: Justin Edmonds / Getty Images

The night of Home Run Derby It is one of the most special of the MLB season, and in 2021 it was no exception. The duel between Dominican Juan Soto and the Japanese Shohei Ohtani he stole the glances of Colorado and the entire baseball world. It was the duel of the night.

It happened in the first round. The anticipation to see Ohtani, the only player in a million, because as well as hitting at the level of the best, he also pitches in the same way, was combined with the young champion of the World Series, Soto.

The Santo Domingo native threw a ball into the stands that traveled up to 520 feet in its opening round, anticipating the epicity of the crash. He finished his turn with 22 homers.

Ohtani had a more than difficult start. He struggled to get into his rhythm, but he woke up in time to hit 16 home runs after two minutes, and thanks to the one-minute bonus he got after hitting a home run of more than 470 feet, he had enough time to tie Soto.

In the tiebreaker, both Soto and Ohtani hit six home runs in a one-minute turn. The Japanese had the victory closer than ever when he tied the Dominican with 15 seconds remaining, but then failed to complete the task. Doubled emotion.

Soto calculated much better in the last tiebreaker round, the format of which was distinguished from the first tiebreaker, as this final round consisted of only three swings with no time.

The Dominican disappeared all three balls. He definitely loves reflectors. Clutch.

He forced the Japanese to repeat his feat, but the Japanese missed his first swing and was eliminated after an epic battle that left him exhausted.

Despite the loss, Ohtani made his mark by hitting six home runs over 500 feet, the most in a Home Run Derby since recording began in 2016.

This is the full duel. To see it at least once. It doesn’t happen every day.

The present and the future of baseball are in good hands. Juan Soto and Shohei Ohtani made it more than clear this Monday. Their meeting ended with a hug of mutual respect and admiration after the night’s battle.

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