Video: Kris Moutinho took a historic beating at UFC 264 without falling to the mat and took $ 75,000 for fighting the fight of the night

Moutinho did not stop going to the front in search of the fight.

Photo: Stacy Revere / Getty Images

UFC 264 marked a before and after in the career of Kris moutinho (9-5, 0-1 in UFC) This fighter made his UFC debut in the aforementioned event against Sean O’Malley (14-1, 6-1 in UFC), the big favorite of the day, who fulfilled the forecasts and gave him a beating. But it was the most honorable beating in history: Moutinho finished the day like a champion, stealing the show of the event.

Let’s get into context: Louis Smolka, O’Malley’s original rival, decides to withdraw from the event. Someone must come to the rescue of the fight, and that someone was Kris moutinho, who He only had 11 days to prepare for his UFC debut against one of the most prominent bantamweight in MMA. A man who confessed to working in a painting company just a month ago.

From the beginning, the fight took only one course. “Sugar” O’Malley was in charge of hitting the rival tirelessly. What was different? That this, instead of being more cautious when attacking, remained focused on the offensive.

It sounds illogical, for other people it may be a silly strategy, but maybe Moutinho He saw it as the opportunity to show himself to the world of MMA, secure future fights in the UFC and gift us the fight of the night. So it was.

It withstood blows with which many would have fallen immediately.

He came close to being knocked out in the first round itself, but he held out. The bell also helped him. And, once again, he never stopped going to the front, putting pressure on his rival, who although he had no trouble winning, he also did not have the comfortable fight he expected. An oversight would have cost him a case.

But the end was written. Referee Herb Dean stopped the fight with only 23 seconds remaining. The punishment lasted more than 14 minutes. Kris moutinho he complained because he wanted to end the fight, and it is totally understandable. After such an effort, and of course, with a defeat impossible to avoid, having finished the fight would have meant practically the same as victory.

The fight of the night, of course, was for both of them, who received a $ 75,000 prize. A juicy consolation for a barbarian Moutinho who went to war at a disadvantage and never stopped trying.

Sean O’Malley delivered 230 power strokes, setting a new record in the UFC bantamweight division. Enduring so much punishment without being knocked out to the mat is a practically inhuman effort. Moutinho did it.

Kris Moutinho showed a lion’s heart and unique bravery. This is how the entire UFC was won.

This monday morning Kris Mouthino He appeared at the Hudson Combat Academy, a training site where he teaches classes. Two days after receiving the beating of his life. With his face full of sequels after the carnage he was in.

Admirable to say the least. Fans raved about him after his performance, and they only hope he recovers soon to see him back in the Octagon. The show will be guaranteed.

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