Audios: Florentino Pérez described Cristiano Ronaldo as “imbecile” and José Mourinho as “abnormal”

As promised, El Confidencial continues with its publications of a series of confidential audios of Florentino Pérez, in which he speaks without filters of some referents who went through the Real Madrid. First it was Iker Casillas and Raúl González, now it is the turn of Cristiano Ronaldo Y Jose Mourinho.

This Wednesday the new material in which Florentino holds conversations in 2012 came to light and in them he spoke out furiously about Cristiano and Mourinho. Already this Tuesday the president of Madrid announced that these audios are part of a campaign against him for being a promoter of the Super League.

On Cristiano Ronaldo: “He’s crazy. This guy is an idiot, a sick man. You think this guy is normal, but he’s not normal, otherwise, he wouldn’t do all the things he does. The last nonsense he did, which was seen by the whole world … Why do you think he does that nonsense? “

Then he left a criticism of Fabio Coentrao that peppered Mourinho: “That is tolili. He’s a chump. That is one of the effects of Madrid. He is another who has no head and those guys Real Madrid eats them. Right now he’s screwed up and Mourinho is an idiot… It’s not that he doesn’t want to play… Well, he’s a bit subnormal. He drives without a license … That said, the pressure has overwhelmed him and that is from being sick. But the other does not care that he is sick because it kills him. ‘You are shit.’

And he regretted that Representative Jorge Mendes could not control Cristiano or Mourinho in the middle of their stays in the White House.

“Mendes does not command anything in it. Just as he does not send anything in Mourinho. Zero patatero. Even for interviews. Nothing. No fucking case. These are guys with a terrible ego, both spoiled, the coach and him, and they don’t see the reality, because they could both make a lot more money if they were otherwise. These are two abnormal, because we are talking about a lot of money in the field of image rights. Also, with that face that they have, with that defiant way, that everyone dislikes them… If the publicity is the opposite, it is the opposite! ”, Florentino closed.

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