Baby tries al pastor tacos for the first time and his reaction is unmissable

One of the great culinary treasures we have in the world It is the Mexican gastronomy, which is considered Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Each typical dish of Mexican food has a special magic and although there are many that are favorites of locals and strangers, no one can deny that one of the favorites and most popular in the world are the tacos al pastor.

No one can resist them, both young and old. An example of this is a video that in recent hours has become very popular on TikTok. A couple shared the moment their baby tastes a shepherd’s taco for the first time and their reaction is incredible.

“We are all my baby when we eat tacos al pastor”, is the text that accompanies this video that has already added more than 6 million views.


We are all my baby when we eat tacos al pastor 🌮 #food #comida #mexico

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The clip is carried out by little Lucas, who at first it seems that the shepherd does not like meat at all, but in reality he made that gesture because the taste was new to him; However, a few seconds later, the baby outlines a big smile and even his eyes light up.

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