Hispanics arrested for kidnapping and torture of a young woman who reported them to the Police for hiding illegal immigrants in Texas

A Border Patrol agent tries to locate undocumented immigrants in El Paso, Texas.

Photo: Jesús Alcazar / AFP / Getty Images

Authorities in Laredo, Texas, arrested two suspects – a man and a woman – of kidnapping and torturing a 17-year-old girl, who reported to the police that the duo were hiding illegal immigrants in their home.

The persecution that culminated in the arrest of Alejandro Vela, 23, and Alexa de la Rosa, 18, began at about 9:20 am last Wednesday in Guatemozin.

Officers responded to an assault report in the 2200 block of Cortez Street. The caller indicated that a 17-year-old girl with visible injuries was crying out for help. The young woman told officers at the scene that she had been kidnapped and assaulted in a home in the 2100 block on Guatemozin Street.

Members of the Fire Department transferred the minor to an area hospital.

The LMT Online report adds that when the agents arrived at the aforementioned house, they met De la Rosa, who said he was with Vela. The policemen entered the residence and came across several rounds of ammunition and loaded weapons.

It was then that the uniformed men heard noises from the attic of the house. Due to the weapons material found in the house, they cordoned off the area and waited for reinforcements, including SWAT teams and negotiators.

At around 3:40 p.m., SWAT members entered the building and located Vela hiding in the attic.

They kidnapped the teenager and tortured her for several days

The investigation by the authorities showed that Vela kidnapped the 17-year-old girl at gunpoint and forced it into the BMW that De La Rosa was driving.

The victim was then taken to their home, where he was tied up and tortured for several days by both captors.

At one point, the attackers released her and left her alone and she was able to escape and ask a passerby for help.

28 undocumented migrants hiding in a safe house

Vela and De La Rosa were arrested and face charges of aggravated kidnapping for terrorism, possession of controlled substances, since marijuana, cocaine and drug paraphernalia were also confiscated in the house.

Additional, Vela faces human smuggling charges and for operating a safe house. Those charges stem from a July 1 investigation after authorities discovered a house where 28 undocumented migrants were hiding. The migrants were turned over to the US Border Patrol.

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