Lando Norris was assaulted coming out of the Euro 2020 final: $ 55,000 watch was stolen

Norris assured that he has coped well, and that he is preparing for the British Grand Prix.

Photo: Sam Bloxham / Getty Images

Wembley and its surroundings became a chaotic area before and after the final of Euro 2020. Italy beat England to put the icing on the cake. And as if the defeat of their homeland was not enough, Lando norris, a Formula 1 driver, had a terrible experience: he was robbed by two men when he left the venue, who took a car from him. watch valued at approximately $ 50,000.

The situation was as follows: when Lando Norris left Wembley and went to his car, he was intercepted by the criminals, who took advantage of his numerical superiority to subdue him and take a Richard Mille watch.

Fortunately, and excluding such a shock, as well as a moment of utter shock, Norris suffered no physical harm and emerged from the incident unscathed.

Hello World. Thank you all for the messages. I would like to let you know that I am coping well, trying to make sure I am ready for next weekend to perform as well as possible. I can’t wait to see you on the track this weekendHe wrote via an Instagram story.

The McLaren team issued a statement regarding the event, stating that “it is a matter for the police, and they cannot comment on further details.” They took the opportunity to ask for the affection of the fans for the next race.

Next Sunday, July 18, the British Grand Prix will take place at the Silverstone circuit. It will be the tenth date on the Formula 1 calendar in 2021. Surely Lando Norris will be highly motivated in order to make his countrymen happy.

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