‘Loki’ and Marvel tricks to protect their secrets

The season finale of Loki has brought surprises, revelations and, also, an evident sample of the way in which Marvel protects its secrets. In what appears to be a neat and precise maneuver to avoid plot twist leaks, the production decided to use a few tricks.

The most notorious? Delete images, alter some frames and even resort to the complicity of its actors to avoid revealing the expected conclusion. The result has been a trap worthy of any of the god of lies’ antics.

Many of the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe spent the last days analyzing some images of the different trailers. In particular, those that had not yet been included in the released chapters. In fact, there was considerable commotion on social media about the image of a Loki in Asgardian armor in the Asgard palace. In it, the character could be seen in the center of the throne room with his characteristic open arms posture.

The frame belongs to a sequence of some of the first trailers of the series, in which a wide shot could be seen on the same stage. Both the images and the very short scene, hinted at least a return to the original timeline of the 2012 Loki.

But as the series progressed, both of these things led many fans to convince themselves that the ultimate villain was… Loki. The reason? Perhaps the sequence demonstrated a possible betrayal of Sylvie or an unexpected final trick from the god of lies. In fact, on the eve of the premiere of the chapter, the most widespread theory was that the one who waited in the castle after Alioth, was King Loki.

In Marvel Studios’ Loki, the fickle villain Loki (Tom Hiddleston) reprises his role as the God of Deception in a new series that takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Kate Herron is directing it and Michael Waldron is the main screenwriter.

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In the comic, it is one of the versions of the character that ends up reigning in Asgard. The story is from the 2005 miniseries King Loki, written by Robert Rodi and illustrated by Esad Ribic. The argument includes, in fact, several images alluding to a triumphant Loki, crowned above Thor and in conflict with his identity.

But to the fans’ surprise, the season finale not only didn’t include the images. Nor does it appear to be part of the immediate future of the character, who is now lost in an alternate dimension.

As if the above was not enough, Marvel also digitally erased Sylvie’s character from various scenes.. In one of the most popular images from the trailer, Loki could be seen entering a dark hallway. The character could be seen walking alone in what appeared to be an imprecise location inside the mysterious castle. For the episode’s premiere, the entire scene showed the variant duo walking through the same place together.

Also, a brief sequence was retouched in which a TVA portal appeared, which Loki was apparently walking through alone. It turned out to be a scene from chapter four, from which Sylvie was deleted. The truth is Marvel has once again shown that it is capable of subtly deceiving fans. And if that wasn’t enough, effectively manipulate the way you understand their stories.

False statements, trick images and top hat tricks


A few weeks ago, the actor Jonathan Majors, charged with embodying the multidimensional villain Kang the Conqueror, ruled out a cameo in Loki. He also did so with a categorical statement.

When asked if he would participate in one way or another in the series, the actor assured the media “he had no idea what they were talking about.” In fact, Variety insisted that their presence on set was not mentioned by the actors or reported by any means.

It was a well-crafted maneuver that protected one of Loki’s greatest secrets until its premiere. Kang the Conqueror, or one of its incarnations, was not only part of the plot, but was the central point of the episode.

The actor had an outstanding participation that, in addition, was included in the credits of the program. So again, Marvel used several of his favorite strategies. Since Avengers: Endgame, the study used the resource of record multiple alternate endings and even include fake scenes in the trailers.

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It is a strategy that they had already resorted to in Avengers: Infinity War, in which several frames showed Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk in full battle. Fans were shocked when the scene was not included in the final cut.

Also in WandaVision there were elaborate tricks to safeguard the secrets of the argument. From the cast of Evan Peters (just as a specific lure of sorts), to confusing statements. The series showed off the best tricks to keep the grand finale hidden, in which the Marvelita multiverse was supposed to be shown. He even included in his promotion a statement by Paul Bettany in which the actor assured there would be an “important cameo” in the final chapter.

The innuendo, coupled with Peters’ presence, led fans to conclude a varied series of theories. The most popular? The expected crossover of the X-Men universe with the Marvelita, which did not happen.

Will he use his favorite tricks again in the long-awaited Spiderman: No Way Home trailer, which we will surely get to see shortly? It only remains to wait for the answer.

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