Tanya Charry defended herself, as a Colombian, against the accusations of Alicia Machado

Tanya Charry.

Photo: Tanya Charry / Courtesy

Tanya Charry defended herself, as a Colombian, against accusations of Alicia machado… Because? Because, as we told you, the Miss Universe, actress and businesswoman, He assured that he had been a victim of xenophobia in Colombia, when he participated in ‘MasterChef Celebrity’.

Charry, who performed a piece for the Univision evening show giving the details and all the versions of the story, asked Raúl de Molina and Karina Banda for a few seconds, the latter replacing Lili Estefan who was on vacation and said the following:

I do want to tell Alicia as a Colombian that no one is discriminated against in Colombia, much less the Venezuelans … I know that Alicia said that we were not all, but Colombia has been a country that has opened the doors to Venezuela“, The journalist began saying.

And he wanted to end by going even further, referring to the fact that as a neighboring country they have helped Venezuela by sheltering those who flee from persecution and hunger that they suffer under the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro.

The government has given many papers so that they can work for Venezuelans and they are not discriminated againstTanya Charry finished.

Let us remember that, as we told you, a few days ago, and through a live on Instagram, Alicia Machado claimed to have been a victim of xenophobia on the part of her colleagues from ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ Colombia, where Miss Universe was participating.

The Venezuelan He was happy to have finished the program and his stay in Colombia. He appreciated the opportunity that RCN channel gave him, but claimed to have experienced violence, frustration and xenophobia. “Thank God it is a minority that should not be precisely on TV,” he said.

Given this, Alicia received not only the response of the presenter of the kitchen reality show, Claudia Bahamón, who told him that it was not a coexistence show, but a culinary one.

And the singer Marbelle, who also participates in ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ Colombia, went further and accused her of having invited her to prostitution.

“He should also confess that we were not his friends because he invited us to prostitute ourselves with his friends who ‘are not drug traffickers’ ‘they are very good people'”, He said.


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