The day Matt Damon turned down a $ 280 million offer

Matt Damon.

Photo: Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Matt Damon He participated last week at the Cannes Festival, in the south of France, as part of the premiere of his new film “Stillwater” (A matter of blood, in Spanish). There he spoke for the first time about how he turned down the lead role of “Avatar”, The success of James Cameron, despite the fact that the producer and director offered him 10% of the film’s profits.

“They offered me a little movie called Avatar, James Cameron offered me 10% of it,” said the 50-year-old American actor, according to Deadline. And he stated with humor: “I’ll go down in history … you will never meet an actor who has turned down more money”.

The science fiction film, released in 2009, was finally starring the Australian interpreter Sam Worthington. And it was a box office boom, where it raised $ 2.8 billion worldwide, which means Damon would have pocketed $ 280 million.

The American actor said that he decided not to accept Cameron’s offer because he was shooting the “Jason Bourne” movies and said that he made the “moral” decision not to leave that franchise.

Damon recalled that the first time he told his friend and colleague John Krasinski of his decision, he got up from the table in total surprise and said: “Nothing would be different in your life if you had done“ Avatar ”, except that you and I we would be having this conversation in space. “

Damon exchanged words with the Cannes public, talked about how he handles fame and it was even compared to Brad Pitt, remembering when they went together to the Monaco Festival to promote the film with George Clooney. “It was really crazy. Security blocked my way and I had to say, ‘I’m with Brad! It was one of the most disastrous things I ever saw… but Brad’s pulse was under 50. It was like he was going shopping. “

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