Why do Utah authorities “fly” fish a couple of times a year?

This practice has been carried out since the 1950s.

Photo: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources / Courtesy

Great sensation has been caused by a video shared by the Utah State Division of Wildlife Resources, where you can see hundreds of fish “fly” through the air, a practice that even if you don’t believe it or don’t know it, it usually happens a couple of times every year.

But do not think that it is some phenomenon of nature or something that has to do with the paranormal. It turns out that in certain months, It is necessary to restock lakes and streams of small trout and therefore this procedure is carried out.

The planes that carry the fish inside fly to a height of a little more than 100 feet and from there, they throw the trout into the different bodies of water, a process that experts indicate is totally painless and not It represents no danger to animals in search of their survival.

According to data provided by the division to CNN, 95% of the fish survive when they reach the water. This is largely due to the fact that they remain locked in the plane for a short time and therefore, they do not arrive so stressed at the lakes or streams.

The video has attracted attention because it shows in slow motion how the fish are falling from the sky and later, the images are accelerated to exemplify how fast the maneuver is carried out, so the trout look like steam or smoke when they are in the air.

Although it seems somewhat unusual, this practice has been carried out since the 1950s. Something amazing is that about 35,000 trout are released to about 40 or 60 lakes in just a few hours, a maneuver that is much faster and more efficient than if the fish were pumped through a pipe network, which is done to repopulate lakes that are more accessible to reach by land.

Trout re-feeding usually begins in July, with rainbow, brook and tiger specimens, which come from hatcheries, and later cutthroat trout are released. The fish are 2 to 3 inches long, which, according to the division, helps them “slowly hover” through the water.

This maneuver is done so that during the recreational fishing season there are enough specimens in the places where it is carried out, since generally, the fish that are thrown from the heights are generally sterile, so it is impossible that by themselves reproduce.

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