Adamari López reveals the treatment that is being done to reduce her double chin

The host of Hoy Día, Adamari López, continues to share the secrets of his new figure. It is not only the weight that you have lost but all the beauty that you now possess. Certainly, and as his followers say, it seems that he took like 20 years off of him. Now it’s not about some of your curves but of his double chin and what is the treatment that is being done to reduce it.

Lying on a scantily clad stretcher and very relaxed, the star of Telemundo, Adamari López, wants to be a reference for anyone who embarks on a path towards a healthier life and that not only includes exercise and food but also modern treatments that help reduce measurements and notify. When you lose weight, the skin of double chin She can get more flaccid and that is why “La Chaparrita” has shared this little beauty trick with all her followers.

Through a kind of laser gun, the waves break the fat molecules and fix them to the skin. Which greatly reduces the flaccidity that is lost in addition to weight loss, by many other factors as well. Lying down, Adamari Lopez she was calm and said she only felt a very tolerable sting. The specialist, who accompanied not only Adamari but also to the Chiqui Baby During the show, he said that in the case of the Puerto Rican he would only need two sessions and repeat the same two in a month to achieve the desired effect.

No doubt Adamari Lopez is dedicated to her. After her vacation in Italy she became very active with her reductive massage treatments. So she is not one of those people who travel and forget about diet and everything, but she has been very constant in her fight against being overweight. In fact, he no longer suffers from it and he looks more spectacular than ever.

Weekend, Adamari Lopez was in the babyshower of his friend and partner lto Chiquibaby, who recently revealed the name of the baby he’s expecting. He himself will be Capri Blu and from now on, one of his aunts who has pampered her the most has been precisely Adamari. In the same celebration, the television presenter joked with Aylin Mujica about some balls that were coming out from the bottom. Both, along with other guests, were participating in one of the many games that are played at babyshowers.

As for Toni Costa, he also had a lot of social activity during the weekend after returning from Europe, going to Las Vegas with Ximena Córdoba for some products they sell and returning directly to the beach with Alaïa. From there he assured that he feels that he has aged somewhat. He was also seen in the company of some pretty Venezuelan friends on the birthday of the daughter of one of them. Total that everything seems to be going very well in the life of Adamari and Toni although it remains a mystery whether in Italy there was reconciliation or not.

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