Britney Spears accuses her father in court of abuse in her guardianship

Britney Spears.

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Britney Spears accused his dad, James spears, of alleged abuse for its implications in her guardianship, which, according to her, has allowed her father to ruin her life, reported ABC News.

I’m here to get rid of my father and charge him with abuse of guardianship“, The artist told Judge Brenda Penny by telephone in a new hearing that took place this Wednesday.

“I want to press charges against my father today. I want an investigation on my dad ”.

The actress was also emotional at one point during the event, as she expressed that she felt that those responsible for her guardianship they were trying to kill her, and reiterated that she was not willing to be evaluated to remove her father from the legal movement since she considers that he suffers from serious abandonment problems.

Britney’s accusations came almost a month after she demanded the termination of her guardianship, which she described as abusive, in her testimony on June 23.

During the meeting, it was approved that the interpreter of “Womanizer” hire the former federal prosecutor Matthew Rosengart to legally represent her during the case; the lawyer was present in court.

Rosengart asked that her client’s father voluntarily resign as guardian, a move that was rejected.

Several fans and activists demonstrated in Los Angeles and Washington DC as part of the #FreeBritney movement, which advocates for the freedom of the artist, who recognized and thanked her effort in a post on Instagram.

“We are moving forward, friends, we are moving forward. New with a real rendering today. I feel GRATEFUL and Blessed! Thanks to the fans who support me.

“They have no idea what it means to me to be endorsed by such great fans! God bless you! ”Britney wrote alongside a video of herself riding a horse and doing pirouettes.

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