Bybit – leader in bitcoin and other crypto derivatives trading – enters spot trading

Key facts:

In the spot market, ownership of crypto is transferred directly between buyers and sellers.

Bybit’s derivatives trading platform has the best liquidity and the tightest margin.

SINGAPORE, July 15, 2021. – Bybit, so far the largest cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, has announced its expansion into the spot trading market for cryptocurrencies.

Bybit’s spot trading platform is available globally from July 15, and will offer zero fees for market makers. BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, XRPUSDT and EOSUSDT will be the first pairs available; more trading pairs will be added in the future.

A spot trade allows traders to buy and sell the crypto asset “on the spot” and at the current market exchange rate once an order is completed. In the spot market, in cash, the ownership of crypto assets is transferred directly between buyers and sellers. Spot trading is not only a critical starting point for new entrants to the market, but a complementary vector for derivatives traders engaged in hedging strategies.

Bringing world-class liquidity and reliability to spot trading

Bybit has proven to be the most reliable, stable and usable exchange. Unique among top exchanges, Bybit has never experienced overloads or downtime at any time.

Arguably, liquidity is the main and final attribute of asset exchanges. Bybit’s derivatives trading platform has the best liquidity in the world and the tightest margin. Traders are guaranteed the best price and execution in the market even during extreme volatility.

Bybit’s retail-focused products and customer-centric services will help lower the barrier to entry to crypto trading for a large number of new customers around the world, allowing them to seamlessly enjoy the immediate delivery of crypto asset exchanges.

“It has been a great privilege for Bybit to have enjoyed the ardent support of our community and partners as we continue to grow and improve. We are very pleased to now be able to provide highly liquid and reliable spot trading that clients have come to associate with Bybit. ”

Ben Zhou, Co-Founder and CEO of Bybit.

About Bybit

Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange established in March 2018 that offers a professional platform where cryptocurrency traders can find an ultra-fast matchmaking engine, excellent customer service, and multilingual communities. The company offers innovative online trading services and cloud mining products, as well as API support, to retail and professional clients around the world and strives to be the most trusted exchange.

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