Chiquis Rivera asks Lorenzo Méndez to present his income to the court

We recently made known what was the demand that was asking Lorenzo Mendez to supposedly sign the divorce that would legally separate him from Chiquis Rivera placeholder image. But it turns out that now Chiquis has launched a counter attack and it is she who asks Lorenzo to present his income to the court. This makes the journey to divorce longer and more tedious.

Sometime, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image He said that everything was ready on his part and that he was waiting for a response from Lorenzo Mendez. This in turn said that everything had already been signed and spoken. Weeks later he spoke again with a reporter and, in a very honest way, he confirmed that he was putting a demand on his ex, because he did not want to be talked about in the future in a book or reality show. But now the host of Chisme No Like, Javier Ceriani, published the digital record of the divorce case between Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez where the singer ask you to file your income with the court.

Everything indicates to be a pitched battle between Chiquis and Lorenzo. In fact, everything was on track or so it looked, according to their own statements about their divorce. But something changed and it is presumed that it could have been the statements made by the younger brother of ChiquisJohnny Lopez, who said he saw Lorenzo spit on his ex’s face for being high on cocaine, among several things. For sure, it is not known if he was referring to the ex of Lawrence, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image or to the previous one, Claudia Galván. The truth is, Chiquis wants Lorenzo’s income are legally reviewed.

After those statements, Lorenzo Mendez made known this requirement to supposedly be able to settle everything related to the divorce. For its part, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image She is still in love with the photographer Emilio Sánchez, but she would not be the only one to already have a new relationship. It was recently announced that Lorenzo Mendez He was with whom he is presumed to be his girlfriend and with whom he would have traveled to The Bahamas and later to San Francisco.

In fact, Johnny López was the one who also requested the audit of his deceased mother’s companies Jenni Rivera. Same that were handled by Rosie Rivera and Juan Rivera. After requesting the court of accounts, Rosie resigned to stay at the head of the company and announced that the new executor would be Jenni’s second daughter, Jacqie Rivera.

Juan Rivera continues doing “En Vivos” to sometimes defend himself from various attacks by his nephews or, as he says, tell his version of the story. The truth is that the controversy continues to reign in the Rivera family and it does not seem that calm will come soon.

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