French National Day: 5 legendary dishes that the French inherited us

France is characterized by its exceptional culinary culture and iconic dishes such as crepes, quiche lorraine, onion soup, and ratatouille.

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Every July 14 is celebrated National Day of France. On a day like today but in the year 1789, the people of France took up arms in Les Invalides, an architectural complex located in the seventh district of Paris and headed towards the Bastille, a fortress that guarded few prisoners. This event was considered the first victory of the people of Paris, who sought to put a stop to the old regime. This marked the beginning of the French Revolution.

It is considered the most important day for the French and is usually celebrated with friends and family. The celebration takes the streets of Paris; during the morning, a large military parade passes over the avenue des Champ Elysées and at night, the Eiffel Tower is illuminated in colors with the projection of dozens of fireworks. A wonderful spectacle that is observed by all Parisians from in every corner of the city. Without a doubt the perfect pretext to recognize the iconic and legendary dishes that the magnificent French gastronomy has inherited the world.

1. Quiche Lorraine

Without a doubt, one of the most traditional and iconic dishes that French culture has inherited is the quiche Lorraine. Is a savory cake from the typical French cuisine of the Alsace region, specifically the original recipe was born in the Lorraine region in northwestern France. Hence its name: ‘Quiche Lorraine’. Its preparation is based on beaten eggs and cream, mixed with cut vegetables and adding ham, bacon or bacon, it is flavored with nutmeg and pepper. Nowadays, creative recipes have come to light that are based on the typical preparation of quiche Lorraine, a classic of classics that you will find in any French bakery, cafeteria and bistro.

Quiches lorraine./Photo: Pexels

2. Aligot

Potatoes are one of the most emblematic ingredients in French cuisine, it is no surprise to say that they have taken advantage of them and have created all kinds of succulent recipes. Such is the case of Aligot one of the most traditional dishes that was born in Aubrac (a natural region, at the confluence of the Cantal, Aveyron and Lozère departments). According to it is said, the monks of this area gave pilgrims who were on their way to Compostela with this humble recipe based on potatoes and cheese. The main objective of this comforting dish was for the pilgrims to replenish their strength with ‘something’ (aliquid, in Latin, which later would derive in the term Aligot) with which to fill their stomachs. It’s about a very thick mashed potatoes (more than normal) that is mixed with raw cheese, known as tomme fraîche. Garlic, butter or even fresh cream are also added.

Algiot. / Photo: Shutterstock

3. Crepes

Who does not know or have enjoyed the wonderful crepes? A succulent heritage invented by the French, found on every corner in the most exquisite sweet and savory versions. The word is derived from the Latin “crispus” which means frizzy, the truth is that the word crepe is old, so old that it dates from medieval France, in the area of ​​Brittany to be more precise. Since this time, farmers made a kind of cake with a crackling consistency. The rest is history since although the recipe was perfected, they have become a national emblem that you will find in every corner. They are usually filled with cream, strawberries, chocolate, ham and cheese, spinach and mushrooms.

crepescrepesCrepes. / Photo: Pixabay

4. Ratatouille

One of the most colorful and nutritious side dishes in French cuisine is undoubtedly ratatouille. It was considered a poor foodAs they used to cook leftover or not so good vegetables for hours and even sometimes the waste from the vegetables would end up in the pot as well. The plate has its origin in the Provençal cuisine of NiceHence the origin of its name: “Rat” means “food” and “touille” which means “stir.” To prepare it, a stew based on garlic, pepper, zucchini, onions and aubergines is used. Once cooked, spices such as thyme, bay leaf, basil and oregano are added.

RatatouilleRatatouilleRatatouille. / Photo: Pixabay

5. Onion soup

We cannot leave without talking about one of the most exquisite legacies that France has left the world and that is the extraordinary onion soup. Even if the French call it soupe à l’oignon, is one of the most famous dishes in French cuisine. It is believed that this preparation had its origin in the time of the Kings Louis XIV or XV, in its beginnings it was a soup of the people, since at that time the cultivation of onion was simple and very low cost. It is also believed that it may have originated within the world’s largest food market in Paris, known as Les Halles, founded in 1135 by King Philippe-Auguste. Whatever the real story, onion soup is a true delicacy, made with onions cooked very slowly in butter and oil. Afterwards, it is served in bowls and slices of bread with gratin cheese are added, perfect for cold winter days.

Onion soupOnion soupOnion soup./Photo: Pixabay

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