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If you’re having trouble paying for health insurance right now because you lost your job to the pandemic, or your current insurance doesn’t offer enough coverage, there’s some hope.

AARP New York is encouraging enrollment in a quality, low-cost health plan through the New York State of Health, the state’s official marketplace for health plans. Enrollment is currently open. And even if you already have coverage through the marketplace, take a look because you might be able to get an even better — and lower-cost — plan right now.

Under the United States Rescue Plan, enacted in March and advocated by AARP, there is a new Affordable Care Act (ACA) special enrollment period due to COVID-19 that continues and ends on December 31st, but we recommend that you sign up right now.

In New York, up to 362,000 seniors ages 50-64 could benefit from the new Special Enrollment Period, take advantage of increased premium tax credits, and save money on their health insurance.

While the ACA significantly lowered uninsured rates for all adults ages 50 to 64, significant disparities remain in New York. And the new special enrollment period with increasing premium tax credits presents a great opportunity to address disparities, as Hispanics, African Americans and Asian Americans are among the most likely to lack health insurance and they have the highest rates of the uninsured.

While the ACA reduced health care costs and increased coverage for millions of people in the country, the recently enacted United States Rescue Plan not only increased tax credits to save money on insurance premiums, it also increased the number of eligible households.

AARP supported both the ACA and the United States Rescue Plan because they expanded health coverage for adults age 50 and older and offered financial assistance to those who were eligible. This new financial help is important for adults ages 50-64, who pay more than other age groups for marketplace coverage, and often struggle to pay their health care bills.

For more information on the Special Enrollment Period, if you are eligible, and how to enroll in ACA health insurance in New York, visit

You can also go directly to the New York State ACA Marketplace on the New York State of Health website at or call 855-355-5777.

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Maggie Castro, Assistant State Director, AARP New York

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