He emigrated from Cuba to the United States in search of a better life; lived on the streets and today works at NASA

A 25-year-old young man, originally from Cuba, named Antonio Macías, It has become a great example for many migrants and even young people born in the United States, since it has shown that, despite how difficult the road may be, dreams can come true.

Some time ago, Milda Cañizares, made the decision that she and her son Antonio should leave the island to seek a better life. So they left Cuba for Venezuela; then they went to live in Ecuador and in 2015 they made the decision to cross the border from Mexico to reach the United States.

Both obtained an entry permit to the country, so mother and son they settled in the city of Houston, where they had family. What they never thought is that people of their blood would leave them to their fate, by abandoning them in front of a shopping center, so Mida and Antonio they had to wander and live on the streets for a couple of days.

“We did not know what we were going to do, we were totally lost in a new city, without money, without friends, with also little knowledge of the language,” said Antonio.

“It was very painful because we only had $ 150 dollars, we ate a hamburger a day. I ate half of mine and told him that it was too full for him to eat one and a half ”, said the mother.

Things started to improve thanks to someone reaching out to them to give them help; it provided them with a roof to live in and helped Milda find work. For its part, Antonio began to study English and later entered the university; he also completed a Master’s in Aerospace Science.

“I was always a fan of things that fly, I remember that when I lived in Cuba, we flew from one city to another. I would give ‘bitches’ at the end of the flight if they didn’t let me see the cockpit of the planes, “said Antonio.

At the moment, This young man is preparing to start a Ph.D. at the Georgia Institute of Technology and, as if that were not enough, he is working at NASA and his research is already being published in scientific journals.

“Now I am studying the evolution of surfaces on planets and moons of the universe that do not have an atmosphere, that do not have air, as well as the earth,” explained the boy.

Finally, Macías dreams of having his own aerospace research company.

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