ProBit Global unveils ETH as the second exclusive Blue Chip with a 50% discount

ProBit Global has revealed Ethereum as the next featured 50% off ProBit Exclusive that will kick off second half 2021 exclusives on July 13, 2021. Following a month-long Bitcoin Exclusive, the exchange is ramping up efforts to provide a low barrier for newer digital asset enthusiasts to accumulate top-of-the-line cryptocurrencies.

The PROB allocations used for subscriptions will reinforce the PROB Reserves emergency fund. This provides a vote of confidence behind asset safety and on behalf of your global trading base.

The market recognizes ETH

Major financial institutions appear to have shifted sentiment towards Ethereum, with Goldman Sachs openly highlighting its potential for superior use cases. JPMorgan predicted a $ 40 billion staking market by 2025, targeting the 12 million ETH currently staked as an effective way to demonstrate the concrete long-term value potential behind staking.

The explosive development behind the Ethereum network has made Flippening a more feasible reality as the ETH / BTC market capitalization ratio surpasses 40% and the ETH trading volume ratio currently at 81.2%.

Galaxy Growth founder Arash Ghaemi further illustrated the continued divergence leading to an increase in portfolio addresses with 10K ETH and a corresponding decrease in 10K BTC addresses.

The utility of ETH and its real value have grown considerably due to the innovations observed in the DeFi sector of $ 54 billion. This sector has a greater capacity for composition and liquidity in the main protocols that allow higher loan rates and lower guarantee requirements. Net trading reserves continue to plummet to yearly lows as ETH holders increasingly capitalize on DeFi protocols and money markets.

Ethereum is also leading protocol development, another critical metric, by leaps and bounds with 42,457 strong confirmations. This is a weekly average of 866 confirmations and an average of 220 active core developers monthly.

David Hoffman of Bankless called ETH the most capital efficient asset in the world. This idea has gained momentum in light of the upcoming transition to a proof-of-stake consensus model and the London hard fork on August 4 aimed at stabilizing gas rates.

The core of EIP-1559 will introduce an algorithmic base model to facilitate transparent and affordable gas rates. This will replace first-price auctions and ideally optimize the network and reduce traffic overhead. Additionally, most of the base fees will be removed from the offering, unlocking the ability to redirect Ether from its inflation-based model to a fully deflationary token.

About ProBit Global

ProBit Global is one of the top 20 crypto exchanges worldwide serving crypto enthusiasts with unlimited access to trade and buy Bitcoin, Ether, and over 600 altcoins in over 1,000 markets.

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