Prosecutor presents 6 videos against youtuber YosStop

The case of Yoseline N, better known as YosStop, continues running; However, the outlook does not look good for the influencer, since the Attorney General’s Office presented six videos as evidence proving his participation in the crime of child pornography.

Among the evidence presented is a videoblog that the content creator uploaded to her YouTube channel, entitled “Patética Generación”.

In it, fragments of the moment in which a group of women beat the victim, Ainara N, were shown in August 2018, in addition to having the youtuber’s description of the recording of the abuse suffered by the plaintiff, then 16 years old, when he went to a party months before.

The response of both to the scandal that arose in social networks by the case also joined.

While Ainara talked about how she was publicly displayed, YosStop made two more posts where she denied having affected her; in one of them he even tried to deny that the case was an abuse, since he mentions that the victim was aware of what happened.

Among the arguments that the complainant’s lawyers pointed out is the fact that her counterpart profited from that material uploaded to social networks, Because being a public figure, he received income with his reproductions and at that time his channel had at least 7.5 million followers.

The foregoing was considered an offense for Ainara’s situation, since it was argued that it caused damage to her morale and even exposed her to death threats.

Yoseline N, 30, currently remains at the Santa Martha Acatitla Women’s Social Reintegration Center until she is linked to the process.

Meanwhile, Ainara’s five sex offenders, identified as Carlos, Julián, Patricio, Nicolás and Axel, remain fugitives from justice.

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