The rapid reaction of visitors to a fair that averted a great tragedy

The video that shows the moment in which a group of people try to contain a game in an amusement park to avoid a tragedy went viral on social networks in the last hours. The gruesome images were taken last Thursday at a Michigan fair.

According to ABC13, the disturbing episode took place On the night of the National Cherry Festival in Traverse Town, when the game known as the magic carpet, characterized by making a circular movement, reaching up to 15 meters in the air, it came off the ground.

As the base of the machine, which had several people on board, began to move back and forth, one man had a heroic reaction: He ran and grabbed hold of her, trying to counterbalance. Seeing it, other visitors did the same, until a large group of people ended up clinging to the base. In parallel, the driver was trying to stop the game.

“It started rocking back and forth a little bit, and it got to the point where the base was kind of leaning back, it looked like it was about to fall over at that point. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, ”Joy Ogemaw told ABC News, a witness to the situation.

He added: “And a lot of people grabbed onto the railing and then tried to hold it. There were probably about 25 people trying to hold the base. “

The videos of this terrifying moment, which fortunately ended with a happy ending, were shared on Tik Tok and Twitter, where they instantly went viral.

Festival organizers reported that no one was injured and that the attraction was dismantled and sent to the manufacturer for inspection. A representative of the company that made the game indicated that “there was a malfunction”, but they still do not know the causes of the problem.

The executive director of the event, Kat Paye, highlighted: “I am grateful for the quick response from the staff and the community.”

However, none of those present will forget the horrifying moment they had to live, nor the screams of terror from those who imagined the worst outcome.

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