They denounce violation of Internet neutrality after censorship by the Court in Paraguay

Key facts:

Apostala is the only enabled betting page, after a public tender in 2018.

There were complaints from users on Twitter for the violation of net neutrality.

Users of gambling pages in Paraguay can no longer access these platforms, or at least most of them. This is because the Supreme Court of Justice prohibited access to all such portals that operate in the country, with the exception of Apostala. Given this, users denounce that the neutrality of the Internet is violated and a monopoly is validated.

The provision of the Paraguayan Justice was released on July 8 and is signed by the Criminal Court of Guarantees No. 2, based in Ciudad del Este. In the letter, addressed to the National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL) The betting pages that are prohibited in Paraguayan territory are detailed, which include internationally renowned platforms. It is, says the resolution, an emergency precautionary measure that was presented by Apostala, whose absence in the list was pointed out by users on Twitter.

This betting site, owned by the company Daruma Sam SA, has the “exclusivity” for the exploitation of the sports betting game of chance in the territory of Paraguay since March 2018, as stated at the bottom of the home page of its website. According to this clarifying text, the license was obtained from a public bid made in 2017 and approved by the National Gaming Commission of Paraguay.

The neutrality of the network, in check by the censorship of the Court of Paraguay

The whole thing would seem like a mere commercial dispute, but it goes beyond that. The user @arquiguru expresses in the aforementioned Twitter thread that the provisions of the Justice “violate article 26 of resolution 190/2009 of its own regulations on net neutrality.”

Many people said on Twitter that the new restriction violates Internet freedom.

This CONATEL resolution establishes the obligation to respect Internet neutrality for all service providers in Paraguayan territory. In other words, this means that they cannot intercede in traffic to one or more sitesInstead, the user has all the power to decide which pages they want to visit.

In that same social network, in addition, a theory is woven about the origin of this agreement that, according to them, does not comply with the law of Paraguay. Several users assure that there is a political network between the president of Daruma Sam, Manuel Lugo, and senator Javier ZacarĂ­as IrĂşn to obtain these regulatory benefits for the platform.

In fact, even the national media in Paraguay have confirmed the link between the two people, although it cannot be asserted that their meetings (which coincide with the date of the public tender for the exploitation of sports betting in 2017) have been linked to this issue. .

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