Trezor Suite improves security and privacy of your bitcoins in new desktop version

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Trezor, the manufacturer of hardware wallets for bitcoin (BTC) announces the launch of the new desktop application Trezor Suite, which will be available both for PC desktop and to be used in a web browser replacing the previous browser interface.

The information was published on July 14, 2021, in a Trezor blog post. This site explains that Trezor Suite introduces advanced features and privacy updates. The application will be available for both Windows, MacOS and Linux as to be used in a web browser and a standalone program. It will be in beta or testing until 2022.

It should be noted that one of the reasons why this update is important is because only with the web version, it was common for hackers to create fake versions of the page to steal.

A desktop application provides stronger protection and reduces the number of bugs or vulnerabilities that could cause you to lose your keys or coins.

Trezor Suite.

Among the important features of Trezor Suite are: customer use, privacy and security.

In terms of use, the publication explains that Suite makes it easier and safer to use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. From his dashboard, the user gets a complete picture of all available assets and a graph of his deposits and withdrawals. “Everything is kept in one place so you don’t have to jump between apps or risk stumbling across a phishing site” or scam.

The blog also provides details on privacy features. Explain that they add a button to activate Tor, generate new addresses automatically for each transaction, add locktime and discrete mode.

It also stresses the use of cryptocurrencies without compromising customer security. In this sense, he says that the desktop application tries to mitigate the risk of phishing, which is often used to obtain confidential information from the user, posing as a trusted entity. This desktop version allows isolation of cloned sites as well as malicious links.

The blog announces that “sophisticated features” will be adopted in the next few months, such as full node support, known as CoinJoin, as well as a password manager which will allow to take advantage of the software architecture.

Trezor Suite clarifies that in this new version it does not introduce any changes, it only joins the loose ends and completes the improvements it had made previously. Source: Trezor /

Anything new in the current version?

Although Trezor Suite has been tested by thousands of users for more than six months, in this period it has undergone modifications that have allowed to test, improve and correct several of its characteristics.

The website clarifies that in this new version does not introduce any major changesIt just connects the loose ends and finishes the improvements you made earlier. He cites as an example the “Learn and Discover” menu as well as the user welcome process that he recently released for the beta version.

Trezor explains that, for this official release, has focused on stability. They have resorted to fixing the latest update so that new users will not have problems when using Suite.

Hardware wallets: safe option for bitcoin self-custody

Trezor further reports that will launch an early access module, which will allow users to try out some new features before they are incorporated into production software.

A hardware wallet is a device specially designed to secure and protect the private keys of your cryptocurrencies. Your main security method consists of storing the private keys in an isolated device, preventing third parties from being able to access remotely. All this makes it considered one of the most secure self-custodial storage methods today, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

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