Two bodies found in Gianni Versace’s former mansion in Miami Beach

They found two bodies in the former mansion of designer Gianni Versace in Miami Beach.

Photo: Astrid Stawiar for What Goes Around Comes Around. / Getty Images

The old and controversial mansion where lived fashion designer Gianni Versace he dresses in mourning again. Two bodies were found by the cleaning staff in one of the rooms and they immediately reported it to the police. It is not known details of who these people were or how the events occurred, but that they were two men and that the security agencies of Miami city They are at the scene lifting the bodies and starting an investigation.

Today the place is the prestigious hotel Villa Casa Casuarina. However, the place is still known as the former Gianni Versace Mansion located in Miami Beach. Let us remember that the designer was shot and killed exactly 24 years ago at the door, which, by chance, will be fulfilled tomorrow.

The finding the corpses It was given at 1 p.m. Eastern time this Wednesday. Cleaning staff told police the bodies were in one of the luxury rooms of the three-story hotel. They have not disclosed their identities, nor have they indicated if there were any crime scenes such as weapons, blood, or in what condition they were. Due to the recent occurrence, the authorities have not yet given an official report either. They only got to Gianni Versace’s former mansion along with the firefighters and cordoned off the area.

The mansion It was sold to a company in 2013 and turned into this luxurious boutique hotel that has only 10 fully furnished rooms. This company, registered with VM South Beach LLC, also owns the Hotel Victor located in the same area of Miami beach. It is one of the most visited by celebrities and important events in the entertainment industry are also held, being the former Mansion of Gianni Versace one of the most important tourist attractions in Miami

24 years ago, specifically on July 14, 1994, a man shot Gianni Versace at the door of his mansion and behind your head. The Italian designer came from having breakfast in a cafe that he frequented and that was very close. The murderer, then unknown, fled for several days until authorities captured him just a few blocks up from Gianni’s mansion located Miami Beach. It was about Andre Cunanan, who was 27 years old at the time.

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