Very upset, Javier Ceriani denounces Adamari López for indifference to the Cubans in Miami

One more time, Adamari Lopez is pointed out and even denounced by Javier Ceriani, host of Gossip No Like, for be indifferent to the Cubans who came out to protest in Miami for the freedom of your country. The same ones who have days on the streets raising their voices for the situation of violence that is currently being experienced in Cuba by Castro government agencies.

Many are the Cuban artists who have raised their voices against the repression that the Cuban people are experiencing. Cuban citizenss on the island. They have also been joined by ordinary citizens and have echoed the extreme violence that is being experienced in Cuba for almost three days. Journalist Javier Ceriani He had already made a publication of the situation on his personal Instagram account and later, his partner Elisa beristain joined you through the screens of the show they lead, Gossip No Like. There they denounced the host of Telemundo, Adamari López, for his indifference to the worrying situation in Cuba and, as the presenters claimed, by the hundreds of cubans who have left at Miami streets to protest.

“Since Monday there are demonstrations in Miami and Adamari she goes out with her selfish car as always, worried about her navel, about her business … She was in a bad mood because they cut off the highway in Miami… He works on a news program called Hoy Día from the NBC Comcast company. Telemundo who pays her a fortune to do that show and she didn’t know that in Miami there were demonstrations … What bubble do you live in, dear? And in a bad mood touching his hair, “he said, raising his voice and visibly upset. Javier Ceriani.

“Later he realized the stupidity he said…. -Oh yes, they are the Cubans What happened to them to interrupt the Palmetto- They did not think to interrupt the freeway, they have to! And if you’re late for your meeting baby, you’ll be late for your meeting. Who cares about the meeting of Adamari Lopez? Only you … It’s not that one hates Adamari, but what hurts is ignorance. How Telemundo He pays a salary to a program called Hoy Día, which gets up at five in the morning and at noon he does not know what is happening ?, he continued expressing Ceriani.

Adamari you have to read a little more than TVNotas ”, he added forcefully Elisa beristain. Both pointed out to the ex of Toni Costa that it is a very delicate situation that is being lived in Cuba and the repression that many of the citizens who are there are experiencing in their own flesh. The dictatorship that has been on the island for 62 years is no secret. Reason why, the drivers of Gossip No Like they consider it inadmissible that the Puerto Rican woman did this type of “Live” without noticing the situation.

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