Bárbara Camila, daughter of Carolina Sandoval, faces the bullying she receives and does it with elegance

Carolina Sandoval and Bárbara Camila, along with Nick Hernández.

Photo: Carolina Sandoval / Courtesy

Bárbara Camila is the daughter of Carolina Sandoval, journalist, television host and influencer of great impact on networks such as Instagram and TikTok. Thanks to the reach of “The Poisonous” And because of how her family also participates in the world of networks, Barbara is known in the world of entertainment. Unfortunately, this has earned him the victim of criticism and dissonant words from “haters” or “digital worms”, as Carolina tells them. The “bullying” towards the children of celebrities does not discriminate or consider ages, genders, etc. On the contrary, any excuse or information is worth them.

But Barbara has shown that despite being 17 years old, she is a young woman not only educated but also with great courage. And it is that head-on and with great dignity and respect, he revealed the bullying to which he is being subjected, highlighting that he has the famous “crocodile skin” that celebrities must have to tolerate everything that is said about them. But she also affirms that even though she is a very confident woman, there are some things that do affect her. This humane and humble statement does not make her a victim, on the contrary, many young people her age, minors and even older consider her a good example, for calling things by their name and not flinching when exposing what happens to her without cower.

Through a live on Instagram he provided the following statements: “I am 17 and I am a confident person, but this still affects me.” The young woman who will soon move from state to city to go to university highlighted all the bad things that are being said to her at the moment on social networks, and apparently all this has to do with her change of look. And it is that the future ENT of “Las Sandoval” cut her long hair, to now wear a fresher look, leaving her hair at neck level, slightly below her ears. It looks simply spectacular, but not everyone shares this opinion.

According to Bárbara Camila, they have come to say: “Ugly hair.” But he also stressed that even when his followers do not like his style or the decisions he makes about his physical appearance, that does not give them the right to attack her unceremoniously. You have politely asked that respect be the key to human interaction. “I want respect. You don’t have to transmit ugly messages… why do you have to keep sending that negative energy, that energy that hurts? ”, asked Barbara.

She stressed that because she knows and recognizes how haters are, she tends to be reserved about her life on social networks. For this reason some of your posts and accounts are private. She also stated that she is not seeking approval from those who follow her, especially when it comes to the decisions she makes regarding her appearance. That if she shows some things that she does or the results of her trips to the beauty salon, they are not in order to obtain approval, she only does it to share with her followers, since she knows that many of them really love and desire her. the best. Since it also says not all the messages it receives are bad.

During the live there were those who commented that the exposure to which her mother, Carolina Sandoval, subjected her was the heart of the matter. But Barbara said: “No.” She explained that when she appears in her mother’s videos or on her mother’s social networks, she does it because she wishes to do so, not because her mom made her. She asserted that both she and “La Venenosa” have different ways of communicating, that she is not obliged to be like her mother, nor does she force her to be.

Here is the live of Bárbara Camila, who has more than a million “followers” ​​on Instagram:

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