Cardi B exposed part of her breasts at the party of her three-year-old daughter, Kulture

Cardi B exposed part of her breasts at her daughter’s party, Kulture.

Photo: Dave Kotinsky. / Getty Images

During the luxury party that Cardi B made for her daughter Kulture where there were princesses, castle and even a carriage with horses, it was also harshly criticized because the rapper wore a dress with which left part of her breasts in view. Being in a place where children were abundant, many of the followers criticized him for walk showing part of their “boobies”.

Cardi B she had a pink dress since the chest was asymmetrical with a lot of neckline, this made leave part of your breasts at first sight and in the eyes of those who saw her in full celebration of kulture birthday. In principle, the rapper had a long skirt pretending to be a princess like her daughter, the theme of the party was precisely that. Despite the criticism and as always, Cardi B heated social networks.

But things are not only in the shown of part of Cardi B’s breasts. With her husband Offset they starred in an extremely sensual dance and again some users of social networks pointed out that it was a party childish. But to be honest, both Cardi B as Offset have always done the same in each kulture birthday and the girl surely already knows the partying soul of her adored parents.

In the pictures though the singer’s breasts They gave rise to several comments, you can also see the advanced pregnancy of it. Remember that during the Bet Awards, Cardi B surprised everyone by appearing with a transparent jumpsuit in the tummy area. Once the big news was announced, he published photos of her naked and barely covering her breasts with her hands. In the same session he repeated the feat but in the company of Offset and Kulture respectively.

Another fact that attracted a lot of attention after the kulture birthday it was the gifts they gave him, many of them valued at more than $ 200,000. For example, a watch that his father gave him and a chain of Channel diamonds that was also given to the little girl from just 3 years.

Regarding her pregnancy it is clear that Cardi B He has not stopped his usual “dogs” or “twrkings” in flossing and back. The rapper is not afraid of what they will say and also knows that, like her and her sister Hennessy Carolina, few to make these sensual movements.

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