Carlos Calderón and his fiancee will be parents: He kept the secret so as not to ruin Francisca’s birth

Carlos Calderón and his fiancee Vanessa Lyón will be parents.

Photo: Despierta América / Univision

What?!… Carlos Calderón and his fiancee, Vanessa Lyón, will be parents, but he kept the secret so as not to ruin Francisca’s birth.

¿How long did they hide the news and Carlitos bit his lip just to be a good partner? 8 months!

This is how Carlitos himself explained it, when he finally Today he gave the news to Karla Martínez, chef Yisus Díaz, Maity Interiano and Raúl González… “I’m going to be the most famous dad on television… We were already urging that Gennaro be born because we did not want to take the leading role from Francisca“.

How did they find out? Carlitos explained that it was on New Years when Vanessa told him she was late: “I ran to the pharmacy and I bought a test bag and they all tested positive, and positiveCalderón explained.

Four months after confirming the news, Carlos Calderón surprised his girlfriend by giving her a ring and asking her to marry him, what nobody imagined is that in that request also a Calderoncito was growing in the model’s belly.

The couple, who expects the birth of her first child in September, says that they still do not know what it will be, if a girl or boys, that the news, supposedly, they will receive it next week and that they will reveal the sex in the baby shower.

For now, Calderón said that he dreamed twice that he was a girl, while Vanessa first felt that he was a child and now only wishes that he is born healthy.


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