Chiquis Rivera took off almost everything again and covered her breasts with a hat

Chiquis Rivera took off almost everything and covered her breasts with a hat.

Photo: Frazer Harrison for Univision. / Getty Images

While his family is still in the midst of many conflicts and controversy, Chiquis Rivera appears on Instagram causing a furor by taking off almost all her clothes and covering her breasts with just a hat. The singer launched her new lipstick color palette: peachy, hot, tangy and spicy. They also have a high content of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and D. So she herself is the image of these products and, as the collection is called “Sweet and Sour”, which in Spanish means bittersweet, well, what better than her to represent this.

Very removed from grief, as is customary now, Chiquis Rivera practically undressed and covered her breasts with a hat very elegant coffee color. In the same photo shoot, she wore a dress of the same color but pearl, which had a neckline that almost reached the singer’s navel. There is no doubt that when Chiquis Rivera placeholder image She wants to wreak havoc on Instagram, she succeeds and makes the whole world talk about her and turn to look at her. Same gift as his mother, the late singer Jenni Rivera.

Later, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image published another part of this campaign to launch the lipstick line “Sweet and Sour”, but this time it took off the hat and she wore a beige lace bra that fired the imagination of more than one. It is almost innate the gift of seduction of Chiquis Rivera placeholder image and even more so, the knowledge he has of his body. Despite being a curvy model, there are hundreds who surrender at the feet of the Grammy winner.

But few are those who have the privilege of entering his heart and conquering it. One of them is her ex, Lorenzo Méndez, whom the singer recently asked to show her income in court. This after the singer allegedly refused to sign the divorce, since he himself has a requirement to Chiquis Rivera placeholder image: He does not want the artist to be able to talk about their relationship in the future in a book, reality show or any other format if the famous one wants it. So there is nothing concrete about the divorce yet, as they will have to agree in this regard.

While, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image she is still in love with her boyfriend, the photographer Emilio Sánchez. But not only is she receiving affection, it is said that Lorenzo Méndez would already have a girlfriend who frequents a lot and that they even went on vacation already.

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