Extreme heat alert today in New York: they activate centers to cool down and extend hours of public swimming pools

Heat and high solar radiation in NYC.

Photo: Andrés Correa Guatarasma / Courtesy

New York is under a new heat wave from yesterday until tonight (8 pm), according to the National Weather Service (NSW).

As a way to mitigate the negative impact on the population -especially the elderly, the most vulnerable to heat-, the city will have assets today 300 cooling centers with extended hours. The list can be consulted here.

In addition, the City Parks Department also yesterday and today extended the hours in many of its 53 public pools outdoors, until 8 pm Location and access standards in the five boroughs can be reviewed here.

Today in NYC they outline that the thermal sensation reaches up to 104F (40C), with 40% chance of rain and 24% electrical storm. They also forecast “Very high” (10) the solar UV index, which calculates the radiation that reaches the earth’s surface, making it necessary avoid overexposure. At night it would drop to 81F (27C). Check here more details about the forecast in each county in New York and Jersey.

The temperature is expected to cool on the weekend and the following days, with 55% chance of rain on Saturday and 61% on Sunday. Weather updates can be found here and on the NWS NY website.

Tips to prevent and treat hyperthermia (high body temperature):

Drink enough fluids throughout the day, including water, vegetable and fruit juices. Avoid coffee and alcohol. If your home does not have air conditioning or fans, keep curtains and windows closed during the day and open at night. Avoid the sun. Prolonged exposure always has negative consequences. Try to wear light, fresh cotton or natural fabrics and avoid synthetic fibers and dark colors. Do not exercise outside and avoid crowded places during peak heat hours. Around 3:00 pm is considered to be the hottest time of the day.

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