Hit men killed a famous journalist who denounced drug trafficking in the Netherlands

Peter R. de Vries in February 2019.


Peter R. de Vries, a famous Dutch crime investigation journalist, died yesterday, nine days after being shot in broad daylight on a street in the capital, Amsterdam.

De Vries he died at the age of 64 in the hospital where he was admitted shortly after he was shot on July 6. It was very well-known as a reporter specialized in the investigation of organized crime in your country, denouncing gangsters and drug lords, and helped the police solve several high-profile cases, summarized BBC.

“Peter fought to the end, but could not win the battle. We are immensely proud of him and at the same time with an inconsolable feeling ”, wrote his relatives in a statement.

The journalist was the victim of a shooting in the center of Amsterdam, when he was dropping out of television studios from a show he used to frequently participate in as a crime expert organized. The attacker fired five times and one of the shots hit de Vries’s head.

After the shooting, Dutch police arrested two people near The Hague – a 35-year-old Pole and a 21-year-old Dutchman – as suspects in the shooting, who are under arrest pending trial. Today Friday they are scheduled to appear before the judge.

The motives for the attack are still unknown. The Pole was allegedly driving the car in which they fled the crime scene; and the young Dutchman, who has multiple police records, is allegedly the one who shot De Vries, Deutsche Welle reported.

“Drug trafficking can permeate everything, if space is left. Holland has gone from being the tolerant haven of recreational drug use to becoming a one of the largest exporters of synthetic narcotics ”, commented in 2017 the Mexican analyst Anabel Hernández.


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