José Mourinho wants Colombian Luis Díaz, figure of the Copa América 2021, to reinforce Roma

Luis Díaz integrated the ideal 11 of the Copa América 2021.

Photo: Pedro Vilela / Getty Images

The Colombian Luis Diaz It is the feeling of the continent. His outstanding performance in the America’s Cup 2021 He placed it in the center of the reflectors and the fruits were not long in coming. The attacker who is currently a Porto tab is claimed by “The Special One”: José Mourinho wants him for Roma.

MourinhoAccording to reports from the newspaper A Bola and reviewed by Marca, he even has a strategy to convince the player to join his cause in Italy: he will take advantage of the fact that Porto and Roma will have a friendly match on July 28 to negotiate with the Colombian, which has a clause of $ 94 million dollars, as well as a contract until 2023 with the Portuguese club.

Luis Diaz he was chosen to integrate the ideal 11 of the Copa América 2021. He accompanied Neymar and Lionel Messi up front. This time there was no room for Luis Suárez or Edinson Cavani. Díaz took over the position of honor.

His ability to carry the ball close to the foot and be effective building with it is more than remarkable. He has speed and a lot of technique. He knows how to kick and how to define.

In the America’s Cup 2021, Luis Díaz scored four goals in five games played. He scored great goals against Brazil and Argentina, and played every minute except for the first game, in which he was sent off.

His season with Porto was also very pleasant: six goals and five assists in 30 games. Key in creating offensive game. He has been characterized by being the “different”, not only in his club but also in his selection from the Copa América.

He is just 24 years old, and has all the necessary conditions to become the new face of Colombian football. It is no coincidence that José Mourinho has his eye on him.

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