Mother goes viral for organizing the first and only birthday of her terminally ill baby

For those who have a baby at home, surely during the first months endless ideas go through their heads regarding what they want to do in the future, whether near or far with, with their little ones.

One of the things that makes you most excited when you have a baby at home is being able to celebrate their first birthday.

However, the couple formed by Andrea Mortimer and Malcolm Rumney, who in just a couple of months went from experiencing the greatest of joys to the worst of sadness, after receiving harsh news regarding their newborn son.

Andrea and Malcolm welcomed their son, whom they named Jacob, 11 months ago. TEverything was perfect until the baby was 6 months old, as his parents noticed that he had some health problems.

In his first weeks of being born, Jacob woke up with vomiting and did not even want to eat. At first, the pediatrician thought it could be reflux; However, everything changed when the little boy began to vomit a watery liquid that had pieces of something dark brown in color.

Immediately, the parents took their son to a hospital and at first, the doctors thought he had brain fluid, so he had to stay in the hospital. But Jacob continued to get worse and after several studies the worst was confirmed: he had a brain tumor.

The doctors chose to perform surgery to try to remove the large tumor, despite the great risk that this entailed. At first it had been a success and, as a precaution, they even gave him chemotherapy, but sadly the tumor grew back.

There was nothing else to do. The doctors told them that Jacob would not improve and that unfortunately he would only have a couple of months to live.

According to what was told on the Instagram of his father Malcolm Rumney, since they received that news, that their son only had a few months to live, they have strived to make each day of Jacob the best.

The baby will be one year old on July 29 and his parents are working hard to throw him an unforgettable birthday party. The story of this family has gone viral, as many users have been moved by the case of this little boy, hoping that there is a miracle for him.

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