Ninel Conde returns to court to initiate another lawsuit against Giovanni Medina

The legal battles between Ninel Conde and his ex partner Giovanni medina They have not finished, as it has now become known that she sued him for defamation.

Just last month “El Bombón Asesino” lost an application for alleged domestic violence in court.

Now the singer’s lawyer, Jose Luis Garcia, reported that his client civilly denounced the employer.

It is a civil lawsuit precisely for moral damage, a series of very serious statements made by Mr. Medina, which really affect his image, decorum, reputation, private life and privacy, and has even affected him at work.

“The man in all the statements he has made to the media, makes serious claims that he will have to prove in due course,” he said.

The legal expert added that Giovanni is already aware of the complaint.

“On Friday of last week, it was finally possible to notify him of this moral damage lawsuit.”


“The worst thing is that he has exhibited his son in the media, the man has been exhibiting him both in magazines and on Facebook, on Instagram, and other digital media.”

José Luis García, Lawyer of the singer

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