President of Cuba accuses Mia Khalifa of working with the US government to provoke an uprising

As protests in Cuba intensify, the president Miguel Diaz-Canel toHe used former adult film star Mia Khalifa to collude with the US government to encourage protests in the nation against the communist regime.

It turns out that a few days ago Mia expressed herself through her social networks about the crisis that the island is experiencing and did not hesitate to lashing out at Díaz-Canel in a video where he even insults him in Spanish for his mishandling of the situation.

Now, during a television appearance he made the Cuban leader suggested that the United States government is using Mia to carry out civil unrest in his country and he credited it with feeding the people in the streets who scream for freedom.

“They went to all the youtubers and influencers, including a certain artist with certain characteristics, ”said Díaz-Canel, referring to Khalifa.

Canel added that the exactrix was manipulated by opposition speeches:

“He started by supporting the blockade and It seems that afterwards they pressured her and ended up saying that I am a tyrant “.

About, Mia retaliated for Miguel’s accusations and again launched himself against him claiming that no government paid himFurthermore, he said that he chooses to raise awareness of his ‘inhumanity’ towards his citizens in his own time and at no cost.

“Oy singao… No government pays me to spread awareness of their inhumanity to their people. I do it for free and on my own time. #Not sponsored, “he said on Twitter.

Anti-government protests in Havana, Cuba, have been ongoing for the past few days and have grown into one of the largest demonstrations in years. Protests reportedly broke out due to mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic and deep economic crisis, which is why many are demanding the abolition of the communist regime.

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