Ruthless criticism was received by Jennifer Lopez’s daughter, Emme. They said it looks like a child

Ruthless criticism was received by Jennifer Lopez’s daughter, Emme. They say it looks like a child.

Photo: Mega. / Grosby Group

A few weeks ago, Jennifer Lopez’s daughter with singer Marc Anthony, Emme, gave what to talk about on the networks when they criticized her for her short green hair. Today they repeat themselves the ruthless critics and they even told him that he looks like a child. All this happened after some paparazzi caught “The Diva of the Bronx” shopping with the girl on the street of Los Angeles.

In spite of the mother and daughter seeing each other absolutely intertwined, Emme, Jennifer Lopez’s darling, received very strong reviews regarding its appearance. A lots of they said it looked like a child, that he wore loose clothing and that his hair needed some treatment. But what is most surprising is that some came to compare her with her own mother, JLo. The young woman wore a wide brown chemise, a wide jeans as well and her hair was naturally dried and with green tones.

“I thought it was his son”, “Not to criticize but with so many stylists that he must have JLo because you are not looking for one that fixes the girl is cut so weird “,”I thought i was a boy… “,”Looks like a child“,” That girl looks like an old lady “,” Poor girl seems to need psychological help “,” She needs a keratin in that hair “, Jlo and a leprechaun “,” That girl’s hair screams with depression “,” Why do boys with money dress like that ??? “,” What I taught Emme be more feminine “,” As unattractive as her dad. Poor girl ”, are just a sample of the merciless criticism that Emme received on some websites and Instagram accounts that posted the photo of Jennifer Lopez holding the hand of her little daughter, Emme. These comments were taken from the People en Español account.

Just days ago, he was seen but with Max, his son, but there the one that took all the compliments was the tail of Jennifer Lopez by showing off a very tight jeans around Los Angeles and in the middle of summer.

Without a doubt, the interpreter of the new song Cambia El Paso with Rauw Alejandro, who just in his first week already debuted in the first places of the music reproduction platforms, can give something to talk about for whatever reason.

But returning to criticism, do not believe that it is always praised. Cellulite Jennifer Lopez was exposed by a paparazzi. The singer did not wear stockings, nor did they use a filter so it was clear that, although she looks very perfect, Jennifer Lopez it is the same as most women. But it doesn’t matter why Ben affleck, who is the winner of the singer’s heart, looks quite in love and has always said that he is one of the most beautiful women he has ever met.

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