Tefi Valenzuela explodes against Andrea Escalona for the interview he conducted with Eleazar Gómez in ‘Hoy’

Tefi Valenzuela.

Photo: Víctor Zubieta / Reform Agency

Tefi Valenzuela exploded against Andrea Escalona placeholder image and the interview that she conducted with Eleazar Gomez in the program ‘Hoy’.

The alleged victim of family violence by the ‘Dare to Dream’ actor spoke with the Peruvian journalist Magaly Jesus Medina about everything he lived with his ex-partner and how he got out of jail.

“A bit of outrage, not with him himself, because you know that he is going to try to rebuild his life, but in the sense of how a presenter of such a widely watched program (Escalona) can be so warm, soft, really ridiculous. As if he had been a victim“.

And, according to Tefi, Andrea tried to justify Eleazar saying that everyone can explode at any time in a fit of anger.

“He says that no one is exempt from a moment of anger, excuse me Mrs. Andrea Escalona, ​​that is not a moment of anger; trying to kill a woman is not a moment of angerHe added.

The Peruvian model and singer indicated that doing this type of interview with men who have been convicted of violent behavior only causes gender violence to normalize.

“We are fighting against violence against women, against femicides, every day they kill us, and you raise your voice so that this type of mockery, interviews happen …

“It is like the women who see that they are being mistreated, they see the violent ones that they now portray as victims. It is outrageous, it is a lack of respect towards women“, He expressed.


“(My indignation) It is towards the media that does this type of interview and that the other five drivers applaud. You say: How sad, what a shame, what a society we have that is normalizing violence ”.

Tefi Valenzuela

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