World’s oldest bottle of whiskey sells for over $ 130,000

The oldest bottle of whiskey in the world recently sold for a whopping $ 137,500. In April, the auction house Skinner Auctioneers announced that it was auctioning Old Ingledew whiskey, which is believed to have been bottled in the 1860s by Evans & Ragland in Lagrange, Georgia.

This week, an anonymous buyer bought the antique bourbon bottle for more than triple the price of what the auction house thought it was going to get for it.

They expected to make between $ 20,000 and $ 40,000, as reported in Eat This, Not That.

The label visibly affixed to the bottle is handwritten and reads: “This Bourbon was probably made before 1865 and was in the cellars of Mr. John Pierpont Morgan from whose property it was acquired at his death. As far as we know, there were no Bourbon distilleries in Georgia after the Civil War. “

Carbon 14 testing of the drink in 2021 revealed that the whiskey was likely produced between 1762 and 1803. This suggests that the historic bottle was made between the Revolutionary War, which was in the 1770s, and the Whiskey Rebellion, which occurred in the 1790s.

Although it seems that this bottle was very expensive, in reality there is a market that is willing to pay huge amounts of money for these products.

It can only be remembered that, in 2019, a bottle of Macallan 1926 Scotch whiskey sold for almost $ 2 million. On the other hand, a 200-plus-year-old bottle of wine called The Grand Constance from 1821, which was supposedly kept for Napoleon Bonaparte, recently sold for $ 30,000.

As a fun fact, whiskey is generally made from barley, while bourbon is made primarily from corn. Therefore, for a whiskey to be classified as bourbon, it must be made from a mixture of grains of which 51% is corn.

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