Alonso does ‘magic’ and puts Silverstone on its feet

07/17/2021 at 8:29 PM CEST

Fernando Alonso He has stood up the more than 120,000 fans that this Saturday packed the stands of the Silverstone circuit to witness live the first qualifying race for the Formula 1 sprint. His memorable performance has been chosen as the ‘sprint moment’ , that is to say, the best moment of this experimental race that F1 has inaugurated in Great Britain and that it plans to introduce in the future.

Alonso has done ‘magic’ again and has passed six cars on the first lap, after a spectacular start. The two-time Spanish champion has come out with a knife, riding the Pirelli soft compound to try to be very fast from the start and manage it for 17 laps. Most have come out with the medium, except for Bottas, Ocon and Raikkonen, who have chosen the same strategy as Fernando but, unlike him, have not advanced.

First it has surpassed Sainz, then Russell and under the strongest braking, he paired up with Ricciardo’s and Norris’s McLarens plus Checo PĂ©rez’s Red Bull. He passed them all and closed the first lap of the race in fifth position, after starting eleventh.

Norris has finished surpassing him and also Ricciardo, but Alonso He managed to contain Vettel’s attacks and finished seventh, the position he will occupy this Sunday on the grid for the main race of the weekend. A well deserved reward.

“Yes, it was a very aggressive start, from 11th to 5th. Then we were a bit out of our position riding fifth, we were too slow and we had to let the McLarens go a bit and focus more on Sebastian. We started 7th tomorrow morning. , in a normal classification we would start 11th, so I think it was good “, he assessed Alonso on the DAZN F1 microphones.

“In Baku I remember overtaking Carlos and Gasly on the inside and in the two in Austria also several cars on the inside. I don’t know, we have more confidence in the first corner than some of our rivals, we usually take advantage of it. Then in the first three or four curves there was a lot of action and we recovered quite a few positions “has continued Ferdinand.

“After we were a bit out of where we should be and we suffered a bit, also the red tires at the end had more degradation and we had to endure. But for tomorrow, we regain some position in this Q4 that I call, because it is like a session more qualifying. Happy about it. I had a good time on the first lap and then quite regular. For you it was a sprint race and for me it was a marathon, because this race did not end with so much defending myself “, concluded the Asturian, that he is clear that his Alpine suffers on this track: “Normally we have little energy, on these long circuits we suffer a lot. When we have a fast car behind us, on the straights we cannot defend ourselves.”

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