AVM and the Value of Upgrades: Why Does It Matter?

Updates have become an important part of our day to day. Years ago, it was common for software, and devices, to be maintained for a long time using an operating system, or an application version, that had become obsolete, and that not only began to give performance and compatibility problems, but also also it had significant vulnerabilities.

Over time, there has been an enormous evolution in this sense that, in many cases, has been a direct consequence of the leap to the service model by some of the most important players in the software world, But what about updates when we talk about network devices? It is a very interesting question, and the truth is that the answer is a bit complicated, since not all manufacturers follow the same strategy.

Some manufacturers of routers, repeaters, PLCs and other network devices and solutions, release updates at the wrong time, and limiting themselves only to those that are strictly necessary. In these cases a golden opportunity is wasted to improve the hardware by means of firmware updates, which in the end results in its useful life being reduced even to a level lower than it should, that is, below what is reasonable.

AVM, on the other hand, maintains an important commitment to take care of firmware updates. The well-known German manufacturer does not limit itself to launching updates when there is a security problem, or a stability issue that needs to be resolved, but develops and launches quality updates that improve its products, adding new functions, increasing performance and lengthening, with all this, the useful life of your products.

FRITZ! OS and firmware updates

AVM routers, repeaters, PLCs and other devices use FRITZ! OS, a Linux-based operating system that offers a simple but rich interface, and receives frequent updates including a lot of improvements. For example, FRITZ! OS 7.2 was a firmware update that brought more than 100 improvements, and FRITZ! OS 7.25 has been another important update with which AVM responded to the new needs of users brought about by COVID-19.

With the FRITZ! OS 7.25 update, AVM introduced more than 70 improvements, and many of them were focused on helping the user to face the challenges arising from telework, the home office, and the use of different general consumer devices for professional purposes, something that, as we know, can be a significant problem in terms of security. All these updates have come, free of charge, to users of compatible AVM devices.

Firmware and software updates represent a very important value because they allow to keep different devices protected that tend to suffer a lot over time, and it is also an excellent way to improve their functions, their performance and their possibilities, and of adapt them to needs and particularities that arise with the passage of time. This will make them age better, and that users can make the investment they made at the time profitable to another level.

AVM integrates a set of options in all its devices that allow you to easily manage updates. Thus, we can establish, by default, that updates are installed automatically or that, on the contrary, they can only be installed manually, when we deem it appropriate.

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