Boxing: Eddie Hearn Calls For Changes In Boxing: “The US PPV Market Is Saturated”

Eddie Hean: “There is no bigger star in America than Canelo lvarez.” @EddieHearn

The world is evolving and sport cannot be left behind. The boxing promoter Eddie Hearn sees the business model in the United States saturated with pay-per-view due to the high costs of each function and the frequency in which there are functions, including exhibition fights.

“You live in a world now, where, in pay-per-view in America, you’re on the razor’s edge every time you fight, because it’s so overcrowded. “ Hearn stated to Boxing Social.

In addition to the fact that the model has become outdated, Hearn is also influenced by high costs: “It’s saturated at $ 80 each. Obviously you had Gervonta Davis against Marrio Barrios on pay-per-view … now you go to Wilder-Fury getting another pay-per-view, and then you get into Pacquiao and Spence, a great fight, but another PPV. Before that, you have Jake Paul-Tyrone Woodley. This is $ 80 for each function. “

“There is no bigger star in America than Canelo lvarez. For me, if I was advising you, I’m on that ship, I want a guarantee. They are so saturating the market … I feel like the way people take in content is changing and I know the numbers are falling rapidly in America on PPV. “ the Matchroom Boxing mandams concluded.

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