Boxing: Logan Paul calls for rematch against Floyd Mayweather: “I’m sure I will knock him out”

Logan Paul messages Mayweather to arrange a rematch. @ShowtimeBoxing

After his exhibition match in Miami, Logan Paul thinks about repeating the sales success with Foyd Mayweather. The youtuber recently expressed the desire to measure himself in a rematch against ‘Money’.

“Let me tell you something, If I fight Floyd again, I promise I’ll knock him out. I promise. Let me ask you what would you rather see, Jake Paul versus Floyd, or me versus Floyd again? I loved the opportunity, I would love to run it again sometime “; mention for TMZ Sports.

The social media celebrity also stated that had he had a longer fight against Mayweather, it would have been possible to send him to the mat: “I got it at the end of the eighth round, I was breathing hard, I was coming to life. I thought ‘it’s going to be a 10-12 round fight. We recovered, and this time I finish it. ‘

Regarding the plans of ‘Money’ He has not yet decided whether to return to an exhibition match for the second half of the year. However, he also has a chance on the radar to settle his differences with Jake in a match after ‘Probelm Child’ meets Tyron Woodley.

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