Boxing: Manny Pacquiao on Spence: “He’s not a fighter you can underestimate”

Manny Pacquiao looks to end the undefeated Errol Spence. @PBC

Manny pacquiao and the IBF and WBC welterweight champion, Errol spence jr, brimming with confidence before stepping into the ring on August 21 in Las Vegas, in one of the duels most anticipated of the year 2021.

‘The Truth’ This week he has closed all the doubts regarding his physical state and the mentality with which he dedicates himself to boxing after his car accident. “[Mi barbilla] it has definitely already been tested in combat, in the fight against Danny Garca “Spence told the media in the presentation of the fight. “I still have a great chin, but I know Manny Pacquiao will put her to the test on August 21.”

On the other hand, Pac-man He was calm and collected before the press, as always. “I don’t want to be overconfident in this fight because, like I said, Errol spence is the type of opponent that can’t be underestimated “, He said.

The Philippine star, which is 11 years older than Spence, he praised his opponent. “He’s good, he’s young and his determination and passion for the sport are there. His dedication and the way he trains, I saw him training, “he continued Pacquiao.

To their 42 years old, Manny He admitted that it is difficult for him to train and recover at his age, which is why the champion in eight categories does not try to overdo the braking during his preparation. “When you are this age, you need your body to have time to recover. When I was younger, I could reach the limit in fighting, but it is not like that anymore.”added the legendary boxer.

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