Broken glass and graffiti, images show Mexican home in Georgia vandalized by racist neighbors

A demonstration against racism in Berlin, Germany.

Photo: Steffi Loos / Getty Images

Images from the Telemundo network confirm the vandalism of a Hispanic family’s home and vehicles in Georgia by racists who left the message “Muéranse, Mexicanos” in graffiti.

The Rockdale County family case came out this week when decided to file a criminal complaint before the county sheriff’s office.

The video of the Hispanic media shows a white van with the hate messageas well as broken glass in the house. Red messages are also seen on the external infrastructure of the house.

In an interview with the Efe news agency, Carolina Oliva said that now they plan to finish building the house to sell it, since the trauma they experienced prevents them from feeling at peace in the property.

“Our plan now is to finish the house and sell it as soon as possible. We are no longer going to live there, we no longer have plans to return there, nothing anymore. It was the house for the family, we were fighting for 21 years, working, and we bought the land with our savings and we have been building it for two years ”, argued the Hispanic.

“We are very sad and very afraid of what is happening to us, just for being Latino,” added Oliva.

Property vandalism is one of several incidents

According to the Mexican, Sunday is not the first violent incident of which they are victims, since previously the attacker or attackers shot a “trailer.”

“Once they shot a ‘camper’ (trailer) that we have there and we spoke with the police and they told us that they could not make a report because there were no deaths and then they killed my dog ​​with a bullet and I no longer wanted to report it” the woman recounted.

At this time, authorities have not detained the suspect or suspects in the crime in the city of Conyers, in a neighborhood characterized by anti-immigrant sentiment.

However, Rogelio Alvarado, the homeowner’s son-in-law, reinforced Oliva’s version by stating that he and his family have also suffered incidents of harassment and violence by neighbors. The man claimed that three of his dogs were killed.

“That is a lot of hatred in your heart for you to go out and do this, it is just cowardice,” Alvarado told CBS46.

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